Delinquent Tax

Every year residents must pay property tax on both real and personal property. On January 1 of each year, real and personal property are assessed. The individual responsible for the property tax is the January 1st property owner, however, tax bills can be sent “in care of” to a new owner if the property transfers ownership after the first of the year.

Property Tax Bills are usually mailed by the Sheriff’s Department around October of every year. Individuals who pay their property tax bill by November 1 may receive a 2% discount. Tax bills must be paid by December 31 to avoid any penalty.

After January 1, taxpayers with outstanding property tax bills are penalized 5%, which increases to 21% at the beginning of February.

By the close of business on April 15, all unpaid tax bills are transferred from the Sheriff’s Department to the County Clerk’s Office.

The County Clerk will have a sale between July 14 and August 28 and sell all unpaid delinquent property tax bills.

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